Mike Dawson

Music Education

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Piano | Synthesizer | Guitar | Songwriting | Composing

Mike Dawson

40 Years Experience as a Music/STEAM Educator

Never Forget the Joy Music Gives Us

Whether you are an amateur or a professional, I will help make your music performances unforgettable in the studio or the concert hall.




Music Industry Professional

“Mike Dawson is a wealth of musical resources to the community at large. His talent as a player, his popularity as a music instructor, his professionalism, and his industry connections make him a music contact that you definitely want to be connected to!”


Student’s parent

“My ten year old daughter has been taking guitar lessons from Mike. I can see her progress as time goes by. Mike’s enthusiasm is infectious and she is having fun. Apart from teaching guitar, Mike has added piano and voice lessons to make her experience complete.”


Professional Musician

“My musical passions have reawakened and you give me inspiration and positive guidance through your facinating musical world. You are truly my Angel of Music!

Ricky Kej

Grammy® Award Winner, US Billboard #1 artist, UNESCO- MGIEP Ambassador & UNICEF ‘Celebrity Supporter’

“Mike Dawson’s singing and songwriting talent is here to delight the listener. The riveting lyrics of “Patriot” are a melting pot of nationalities that brings the quintessential question that is so very relavent to today’s time of identities. Dawson’s voice carries a passion and power that is very captivating and perfectly matches the words. The anthemic quality of the song is a need of the times that I found quite infectious. The trumpets are fantastic and dramatic, with enough zeal and fire to transform the song into a magnificent statement.”



Mad Mad Romance

Mike Dawson - Piano, Rhodes, Synthesizer, Songwriter | Featuring: Claudia Melton - Lead Vocals MAD, MAD ROMANCE | Music & Lyrics by Mike Dawson © ℗ 2020 Beechers Brook Publishing, Inc. (ASCAP)` `