“Mike Dawson is a wealth of musical resources to the community at large. His talent as a player, his popularity as a music instructor, his professionalism, and his industry connections make him a music contact that you definitely want to be connected to!”


Music Industry Professional

“As an “over 50ish” sales executive who last played a musical instrument (trumpet) in Jr. High, Mike re-introduced me to the wonders and joys of musical expression. His thorough understanding of music, positive motivational methods, coupled with his “YOU GOTTA HAVE FUN!” approach gave me the confidence to learn how to play the bass guitar. Afflicted with severe rheumatoid arthritis - especially in my fingers, Mike worked with me to create my own style, at my own pace, which has permanently affixed a huge smile to my face! While I don’t plan on professionally touring or recording anytime soon, I am now able to jam with my two musically talented daughters (one a percussionist, the other a pianist), instead of just watching! I’m incredibly thankful for Mike’s tutelage, friendship, and encouragement. Mike - U DA MAN!”



“I have known Mike for over 20 years. When I approached him concerning piano lessons he bent over backwards to accommodate my schedule. Mike always has a encouraging word during a lesson…I’ve seen proof of his instructor skills at many of his recitals. I’m sure he treats his younger students with the same attitude and respect he gives me. Would I recommend him to teach you piano or guitar? By all means!”



“Mike has been a wonderful music teacher. My son learned guitar and daughter learned piano from him. My kids always looked forward to the lessons and liked and respected Mike for his patience and knowledge. He is creative in his ways of teaching to keep the kids interested and enthusiastic.”


Student’s parent

“My ten year old daughter has been taking guitar lessons from Mike. I can see her progress as time goes by. Mike’s enthusiasm is infectious and she is having fun. Apart from teaching guitar, Mike has added piano and voice lessons to make her experience complete.”


Student’s parent

“I first met Mike as a teacher when, at close to 70 years of age, I decided I wanted to learn to play the piano. Mike listened to me when I explained what I wanted to accomplish and adopted a teaching program to reach those goals. More importantly, Mike has given me a new appreciation of music from classic to jazz. I value Mike as my teacher and my friend.”



“Mike Dawson makes learning fun. His passion and joy are palpable and delightfully contagious. Even with beginners, he is patient and yet he moves his students along better that most teachers because he knows how to get them to understand music in a deeper, natural, and more intuitive fashion. His students do not merely translate notes, they grasp advanced musical principles with ease and fun.”


Student’s parent

“My musical passions have reawakened and you give me inspiration and positive guidance through your facinating musical world. You are truly my Angel of Music!


Professional Musician

“Mike Dawson’s singing and songwriting talent is here to delight the listener. The riveting lyrics of “Patriot” are a melting pot of nationalities that brings the quintessential question that is so very relavent to today’s time of identities. Dawson’s voice carries a passion and power that is very captivating and perfectly matches the words. The anthemic quality of the song is a need of the times that I found quite infectious. The trumpets are fantastic and dramatic, with enough zeal and fire to transform the song into a magnificent statement.”

Ricky Kej

Grammy® Award Winner, US Billboard #1 artist, UNESCO- MGIEP Ambassador & UNICEF ‘Celebrity Supporter’

“In an era of synthetic disposable artists, Dawson is the real thing!”

Ritch Esra

Music Publisher, A&R (The Music Registry / MUBUTV)

ROAR ELECTRA.… I enjoy the richness and full sound of orchestral arrangements and right here , the strings are an absolute gem! That violin solo on ’BRING BACK THE BLUES’ is simply outstanding. The syncopation is superb and the vocals have a certain something about them that I just cannot put my finger on. It’s not raspy, not harsh but it has a great deal of ‘edge’ I’d say; complete with expression and emotion that is very unique! I also enjoyed the shades of funky pop in the phasy sounds on ’BEHIND CLOSED DOORS’ and that wonderful soothing effect brought on in the melodic ’COUSTEAU‘S CALYPSO’.”

Wouter Kellerman

South African Music Awards Winner, Grammy Award® Winner

“Mike Dawson’s new CD ROAR ELECTRA is great listening. From lyrics that make you think about everything from our cyber world to love and war, each song tells a story. this album is a keeper, with great arrangements, modern sounds, melodic songs and fine playing.”

Jamie Glaser

Guitarist (Jean Luc Ponty, Jon Anderson, AndersonPonty Band)

“Mike is an extremely talented musician and teacher in many areas. A lot of his music could be utilized very easily in television and video games. There’s a lot of potential here that just needs to be heard by the right people. Keep up the good work, Mike!”

Mike Garson

David Bowie’s legendary pianist, keyboardist, composer

“Dawson has beautiful and diverse influences that makes his music a refreshing change.”

Chris Bell

Producer, engineer (The Eagles, Erykah Badu)